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On June 22nd, 2021, Nativity’s 8th grade class of Saint Oscar Romero received their diplomas! The graduation ceremony took place at St. Boniface Church with the graduates, their families, teachers, staff, Nativity Board of Trustees members, and supporters of the school in attendance. We are so proud of the accomplishments and the tremendous resilience the students displayed throughout this challenging year!

Here is where they are heading next:

Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women (7)

McQuaid Jesuit (4)

The Aquinas Institute (3)

Bishop Kearney (1)

Hope Hall (1)

Greece Central Schools (1)

Vertus Charter School (1)

Norman Howard School (1)

Special Awards:

Presidential Award for Academic Achievement (4.0 GPA):  Romina Khatri

Cheryl Speranza Leadership Institute Scholarship Award for Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women:  Jocelyn Kirkland and Anishma Rai

Billy D’Antonio “Livin’ the Dream” Scholarship Award for McQuaid Jesuit:  David White

Nativity Honor Society:  13 of the 19 graduates were part of the Nativity Honor Society. This honor is for students with 2 or more grading periods with honor roll achievement during the 2020-21 school year.

Our Graduate Support Program follows Nativity graduates beyond eighth grade, through high school, college, and career. This unique part of the Nativity model ensures their continued success after they leave campus. They will always be a part of the Nativity Family. We wish our graduates many blessings on the next steps of their journey!

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