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As the season of giving quickly approaches, Nativity Preparatory Academy is thankful to all the community members who make the dreams of students become reality. Nativity’s tuition-free, Catholic education is made possible by the generous donors who support the school’s mission to provide an exemplary education to students in need. Our students are not only thankful for the opportunities they’ve been afforded through Nativity, but they love to get involved in the fundraising process in any way they can. 

Windsor Cottage, a home-furnishing and decor consignment shop in Rochester, offers Nativity students a chance to showcase their artwork on flour sack towels that are sold in the store throughout the holiday season. Two student designs are selected each year to be featured on the high-quality towels. Peggy Growney, owner of Windsor Cottage and member of Nativity’s Board of Trustees, donates all proceeds from the towels to benefit Nativity Prep. According to Growney, the towels are not only a popular commodity in the store, but they also catch the eye of customers who are unfamiliar with Nativity and its mission. 

“Those who first learn about Nativity through this project are delighted with the artwork,” Growney says. “Everyone loves these towels. They’re perfect for holiday gift giving and oftentimes, people buy a dozen at a time!”

Proceeds from towel sales help to fund a variety of initiatives including enrichment activities outside of the classroom — an effective way of improving student success. School days at Nativity are extended until 5:30, allowing students to develop new interests and passions outside of the standard curriculum. The towel project also showcases students’ artistic talents. This year, Breeya, a 5th grader at Nativity, was one of two students whose work was selected. She loves to draw and says it makes her feel good to see people buying products with her artwork. 

“It’s a ‘feel-good’ gift that actually benefits the school and makes everyone smile,” Growney adds. “How great is that?” 

“I like to help people in as many ways as I can” said Breeya “I was just excited that my artwork was going to be presented to people, and that I could be helping the school in different ways. I’m doing community service, which makes me feel good, and my artwork is on display, which also makes me feel good.”

Nativity Prep. is thrilled to have students express their creativity while also serving their school and their community. This corresponds perfectly with the school’s values of responsibility and gratitude: two key elements of the Nativity Pledge. The featured towels are available now at Windsor Cottage for the holiday season!


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